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Fact Check Images

No Picture No Proof provides tools and training for digital picture analysis, including error level analysis, metadata, and tutorials using Black Swan Digital Forensics's image technology.
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We help people with understanding all the datapoints and layers that is left behind on each picture taken.  We can debunk:

  • Where the picture was taken 
  • What device it was taken on 
  • The time it was taken 
  • The device it was taken on 

We can verify with 100% proof if the photo is real, fake, photopshopped, etc.

Don’t Trust Everything You see Online

FraudVictims lost over $1.4 billion in online fraud in 2017. According to a study conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and McAfee, cybercrime costs the global economy as much as $600 billion, which translates into 0.8% of total global GDP. Online fraud appears in many forms. 


UFO Images

Conspiricy Theorys

Social Media Post

Educational Purposes 

Case Studies

Case Study

Sarah Palin Impersonator Tweet – Study 1 

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is no stranger to controversy, nor to impostor Twitter accounts. Back in 2011, Palin’s official Twitter account at the time, AKGovSarahPalin (now@SarahPalinUSA), found itself increasingly lost in a sea of fake accounts.

In one particularly notable incident, a Palin impersonator tweeted out an open invite to Sarah Palin’s family home for a barbecue. As a result, Palin’s security staff had to be dispatched to her Alaska residence to deter would-be partygoers.

This phenomenon is not limited only to Sarah Palin. Many public figures and politicians, particularly controversial ones like the 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump, have a host of fake accounts assuming their identity.


Studies show doing your own research can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. 

Photoshopped Images

It’s very easy to quickly change any image these days.  In order to truly understand if its true or not, you need to look at the digital forensics data behind the image. 

WorldClass Support

We are available to speak with our customers 24/7/365.  We understand the urgency and need to understand facts. We want to make sure we can help when you need it most.  

Award Winning quality

We work with Black Swan Digital Forensics. With over 30 years of digital forensics experience, they help us as needed for our clients. We can offer a full suite of services they offer. 

What is a Photoshop Analyzer?

Photoshop Analyzer is a tool that provies precise data about photoshopped and altered pictures. It uses a certain algorithm to tell is this photo photoshopped or not. No Pic No Proof  offers 4 types of data to help users check whether the picture has been altered – JPEG, Original, ELA and Meta Data

Forensically Photoshop Analyzer

collection of free tools developed for digital image forensics purposes. Its functions include ELA, providing Meta Data, detecting clones, etc. Forensically may be compared to a magnifying glass. It demonstrates users the true details that are concealed from everyone else.


Involves highlighting copied parts of a picture. It can be a clear sign that the picture has been modified.

Error Level Analysis is aimed at comparing the original picture with the recompressed version. In this way, modified parts will be highlighted. For instance, they may be brighter or darker than nearby parts that have been untouched.

Noise Analysis works according to the denoising algorithm, only the other way round. The tool eliminates not the noise but the rest of the shot. Thanks to the basic separable median filter, it isolates the noise. The tool copes with detecting such picture post-production operations as cloning, deformations, airbrushing and warping. It is most effective for the shots of high quality.

Amped Authenticate Photoshop Analyzer

Software package for forensic picture identification and tamper detection in digital shots. The program offers a selection of various tools for determining if a picture is an unmodified original, an original produced by a certain device or a picture manipulated using designated software which can’t be considered as proof.

Modern programs are concentrated upon one or just several digital image forensics tools. Amped Authenticate combines powerful tests, operations and reports in one package to enable users to identify altered or entirely original pictures.

Image Edited Photoshop Analyzer

This gives you a chance to identify whether the picture was altered in the specific software or not. Compared with Fotoforensics, this website offers direct and clear answers to everyone who has uploaded the picture.

For instance, if you have uploaded an entirely modified shot, the service will confirm it by showing something like “Yes” and will provide detailed info about the shot. Besides, it gives the name of the software which was used to edit the shot.