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Depending on the level of digital forensics help you need, we can pair you with the expert on our team who specializes in that niche. Our full system scan will locate, quarantine and eliminate malware, Trojans, adware, spyware & more insuring you are protection against all the latest viruses and threats.
Peace of mind can be gained by activating our real-time protection and also scheduling regular scans to ensure you are covered, at all times


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“Removed Spyware On My Phone After It Keeped Dying Fast”

I would like to think I’m kinda tech savy, but when my phone battery kept dying fast, and just didnt seem right, I had them do a spyware scan. They found and removed malicious spyware that I had NO IDEA about! INSANE

“My ex-wife put spyware on my kids phone!”

I was dealing with the worst divorce settlement you could ever imagine.. Long story short – she put spyware on my kids phone.  She was listening to every conversation when the phone was on.. The kids had no idea.  

“The process was simple”

I was pleased to find out that the removal process wasn’t as crazy as you would think.  I was very unaware of all the information on my husbands phone. Once it was extracted I actually was at peace knowing he wasn’t lying to me. 

“My boyfriend put spyware on my Iphone”

I though iphones cannot get hacked. Little did I know, people can purchase spyware for under $100. It’s not a virus since I techically give them access to my phone without me knowing. Scary world we live in!

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With over 30 years experience we have made sure our spyware removal works on any device.  Our digital selves, more and more, are becoming part of our full identity. The emails we send, the conversations we have over social media — both private and public — as well as photos we share, the videos we watch, and the websites we visit all contribute to our digital personas

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Freequently Asked Questions

What is No Picture No Proof?

No Picture No Proof is a  framework for assisting researchers, analysts, and investigators with digital photo forensics.  We use Black Swan Digital Forensics as our digital forensic experts. 

Can I have multiple plans?

Yes, you can.  If you start with the basic package and just check 1 photo for $5 – we will reimburse you the $5 when you upgrade to a monthly plan. 

What Other Forensic Services do you offer?

We focus on photo forensics, however Black Swan Digital Forensics is our provider for understanding things that are outside of our scope. 

How do the image subscription plans work?

A Lot of the subscription plans make sense for private investigators, conspiracy de-bunkers, etc.  If you plan to search more then 1 image per month, it makes sense to explore all plans.  

Extract Evidence Without Shipping Your Device

Any Phone (in ANY Condition) 

Tired of shipping devices to a lab for digital forensics analysis? Losing days and weeks shipping back and forth to the lab? No one needs to be without their device or wait for evidence that long. Introducing the game-changing Data Extraction Tool for your office, from Black Swan Digital Forensics.

Cell phones and mobile phone forensics can prove to be valuable sources of information in many types of investigations. Our cell phone forensics services are not a remote services. First, send us your cell phone. And, we’ll perform the cell phone forensics service on your mobile devices. Cell phone forensics software are proven to be valuable sources of information in the majority of investigations.